NSS Team

The first Extrem Team nucleus was founded at the end of 1999. Our team has always been on the national and international scene and in these years NSS has always promoted all members and not only the strongest. The Team was and is a group of friends that are passionate in their sports, from windsurfing, kitesurfing, Enduro, racing, etc…

Patrik Diethelm

Patrik Diethelm Boards CEO & Founder

Shaped from over 25 years of passion, performance, dedication and technical expertise, PATRIK is far more than just another name in windsurfing.
Patrik and Karin’s move to founding their own brand Patrik Diethelm Boards in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today many of windsurfing’s finest products sport PATRlK’s name and the brand remains dedicated to delivering unique products and providing personal service.

Andrea Cucchi

Point-7 Sails CEO & Founder

13 Italian Championships and 2 World Titles;  As chief sail tester for all sail lines and with a key role behind the scenes in Point-7’s marketing and branding, Andrea also finds time to work directly with our sail designers and product manufacturers to assure the best quality products are brought to the market under the Point-7 name.point-7.com



Cesare Cantagalli

99international Customboards Owner

I-99, That griffe on the sail which, from the mid-80’s onwards, has won over the admiration of “surf-fans” around the world by virtue of the outstanding results obtained in the World Cup and the unique and innovative aerial acrobatic moves that are the trade-mark of Cesare Cantagalli.




Gianni Valdambrini

99international Customboards CEO & Founder

An ambition and passion for art, complemented by a solid technical background and curiosity for anything and everything that’s new on the scene, have made Gianni Valdambrini one of the very best Shaper’s around.




Andrea Baldini

Pro Windsurfer

Classical studies, graduated in Economics and Commerce and a past as a musician, is a multisport athlete: Extreme Skiing, Riding, Boxing, Judo, Tennis, Sky-Diving, Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, DH biking. Since 2005 he competed in the World Cup of Windsurfing Speed:



Srećko Slukić

CRO1967 Croatian Speedsurfer

Srećko WARRIOR Slukić, Sailnumber CRO1967, Scorekeeper for all Croatian and Slovenian speedsurfers, keeper of only validated speedsurfing table for all our riders. Sponsored by Select, Prolimit, RRD X-Fire boards (www.7bofora.com), Horsefeathers clothing, NPX Pryde wetsuits (www.surfshop.hr), Loftsails Racing Blade (www.loftsails.com), Gaastra harnesses (www.spinsport.hr). Also scorekeeper for all our riders at GTC (Gps speedsurfing Australia). Member…


Totalwind.net Co-Owner & Founder

Jaume from TotalWind.net that with his passion and tech knowledge has become very useful to the Team and to promote our sport. Based in Mallorca Island (Spain). Server administrator, security and webserver expert. Works on global technology company as Senior Server Engineer and loves windsurfing, stand up paddle, and photography.


Jean Françøis Verzura

Passionate and practicing windsurfing since 1978, I am based in Corsica (France) where we have excellent conditions with all winds. My home spot Algajola in Balagne near Ile Rousse (Corsica of course ) when wind is West .My passion has allowed me to meet people from all over the world and my travels on Hawaii have reinforce some links. I love take photos and I never miss an opportunity to capture some sessions.





Xavier Haritou

Paros Adventures & Holiday Sun Hotel Owner

J’ai décidé de venir m’installer à Paros pour 2 raisons simples : le vent et la mer. J’ai la chance depuis très jeune de vivre dans le milieu des voyages et de l’hôtelerie car ma famille est dans ce milieu depuis plus de 40 ans. Je suis donc logiquement devenu hôtelier mais ma vraie passion depuis que je suis tout petit, c’est la mer et tout ce qui va avec. Je pratique tous les sports aquatiques : ski nautique, wake board, barefoot, plongée, voile, windsurf et surtout kitesurf. Je pense que la Grèce et plus encore les îles des Cyclades sont faites pour des vacances sportives et culturelles.


Original from Florence, the town where italian fashion is born. Manuel has years of experience in web mastering worlds famous fashion sites. He has been with us from the beginning of the brand and gave us great support to launch a safe and practical online sale business service.







Fior Avona- Stormgirl

The ‘Stormgirl‘ brand/character is created by Fior Avona, from her passion of super cars and super heroes.
Together with her talented Artist Keiron Ward, they created the Stormgirl character visuals, in preparation for a graphic novel.






Gennimatas Giannis

I was born in 1973 and i windsurf since 1984. Also i am a pro volleyball player since 1983 but my big love is windsurfing,specially slalom. This year i have the pleasure to belong in 99 novenove family and maui sails. I am training hard every day and as an athlete i want to give my best in every race. My best spot for windsurfing is Paros island where the PWA used to take place and everyone is welcome to join!














Gilles PV

Speed rider

Living in south of France near the mediteranean sea , i begin windsurf when i was 14 years old. I m teacher of judo and self defense and im a police man.
I Love being on the water feeling the immensity and the strength of the sea. Speed windsurfing is a fight against oneself and a true competition, that i like sharing with my friends…
Windsurf is not just a sport, it is a passion for all the new techniques and material, hours rigging and studying different quivers….Long life for NETSURFINGSPORT.

Remo Diethelm

Remo Diethelm







Alex Prapas

Alex Prapas







George Georgoudakis

Paroskite Co-Owner/ President

George Georgoudakis















Cinghialone Servatico









Michi Seaside-Windsurfing De-BAY-238

Windsurfer since 1988, head of team-bavaria.eu, member of wbst, Windsurf Instructor and owner of seaside-windsurfing.de and style4.ws – ” I always struggle to give my best on water and for my clients. I love the windsurfing lifestyle and to race together with friends, and its great to be a part of this team!”